Podcast series: When disasters and conflict collide

May 2019

‘When disasters and conflict collide’ is a podcast series that explores how conflict increases people’s vulnerabilities to disasters around the world.

It examines what we can do to change this, in ways that not only help people cope with future disaster impacts but also contribute to peace. It asks why so little has been done to improve disaster risk reduction in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, and identifies examples of policies and programmes that have been successfully adapted to these contexts.

The podcast series is borne out of a two-year research project by ODI in cooperation with G.I.Z on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Episode one – Conflict: the elephant in the diplomatic meeting room

In this episode, we explain why disasters are not natural, how conflict has been the elephant in the diplomatic meeting room for decades and what’s being done to rewrite a better future for affected people.


  • Banak Joshua Dei Wei, Director General for Disaster Management and National Focal Point for the Implementation of Sendai Framework in South Sudan for the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Republic of South Sudan
  • Margareta Wohlstrom, President of the Swedish Red Cross
  • Dr Ayesha Siddiqi, Lecturer in Human Geography, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Loretta Hieber Girardet, Regional Director, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction for Asia and the Pacific
  • Oenone Chadburn, Head of Humanitarian Support, Tearfund
  • Zahi Chahine, Project Manager of Disaster Risk Management Unit, Lebanon

Episodes two and three are coming soon. 

Rebels from the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) at Abeche market in Eastern Chad. Photo: Tuen Voeten/Panos Pictures