Live events podcast: Africa's economic growth in a new global context

October 2018
As well as giving jobs to local workers, the cement factory is recruiting new graduates from across the country, like Kidist Mulugeta – a site surveyor. Photo: Gavin Houtheusen/DFID (CC BY 2.0)

Africa is the world's second fastest-growing region but ensuring this growth is sustainable and reduces inequalities must be at the forefront of policy-making in order to improve well-being and boost industrialisation.

This live events podcast brings together experts to discuss the major economic and social trends that are impacting on African development, and their policy implications for the continent’s relations with Europe and the rest of the world.

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Contributing chair
Dirk Willem te Velde - Head of Programme, International Economic Development Group, ODI

H.E. Victor Harison - Commissioner for Economic Affairs, African Union
Mario Pezzini - Director, OECD Development Centre
Rachel Turner - Director, Economic Development, Department for International Development (DFID)
Dr Desné Masie - Senior Associate, Global Counsel