Tackling discrimination against girls: stories from Uganda

September 2015
Two short videos exploring how discrimination constrains girls' development, and the steps Uganda's government has taken to protect girls.

The Transforming the Lives of Adolescent Girls project explores the ways in which discriminatory norms shape and constrain adolescent girls’ opportunities across Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda and Viet Nam.

In Uganda, we met Aisha and Nakiriya.

When she was younger, Aisha was unable to attend school as her father could not afford to pay her school fees. She believes that parents should place more emphasis on their daughters, as they are the mothers of tomorrow.

Nakiriya explains how her opportunities have been restricted by the expectations of her family. In Uganda, the government has implemented legislation to protect adolescent girls. However once a girl marries or has a child, household and community perceptions of her role and rights change.