The SDGs must leave no one behind: stories from Ghana

September 2015
These short films expore the reality of what it means to be part of a marginalised group left behind by global development.

The Sustainable Development Goals, due to replace the Millennium Development Goals in January 2016, promise to 'leave no one behind'. 


Released alongside a new ODI briefing paper, Leave no one behind: the real bottom billion, these films, shot in Ghana, show the realities of life as a part of a marginalised group. 

We hear from Sueba, forced to work from 13 after being unable to attend school; Salamatu, who struggles to raise a family and work as an older woman; Kojo, whose convulsions have kept him out of school; and Ilyasu, who lost his legs due to a childhood illness.

These people were left behind by the Millennium Development Goals. Governments must ensure that the new goals leave no one behind, and that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.