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Budget transparency in Uganda

Podcasts and audio | 28 August 2013 | Ryan Flynn interviews Tim Williamson
The Ugandan government has recently launched a new website that puts an unprecendented amount of information on the country's finances into the public domain. ODI's Tim Williamson, who worked closely with the Ministry of Finance on the site, talks to Ryan...
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Unblocking results in Tanzanian rural water supply

Podcasts and audio | 14 August 2013 | Helen Tilley
Research Fellow Helen Tilley interviews Rinus Van Klinken, acting Director of SNV Tanzania, to talk about the governance constraints he has encountered in his work on improving rural water supply in Tanzania, and the approaches he has adopted to overcome them.
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Matt Andrews on the limits of institutional reform

Podcasts and audio | 9 August 2013 | Ryan Flynn interviews Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews, governance expert and Associate Professor at Harvard's Kennedy School, sat down with ODI's Ryan Flynn to talk about his new book - 'The Limits of Institutional Reform in Development'.
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July Podcast: democracy, Mali election, aid and the military

Podcasts and audio | 24 July 2013 | Presented by Jonathan Tanner and produced by Gail Wilson
This month’s ODI Podcast takes a look at what the current wave of global protest can tell us about democracy and elections, picks apart the rationale for Sunday’s elections in Mali and delves into the debate over whether we should be making more of the aid budget...
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Is social protection gender-blind?

Podcasts and audio | 8 March 2013 | Maxine Molyneux, Stephen Devereux, Rebecca Holmes and Nicola Jones
'A common finding across our research in Africa, Asia and Latin America is that even where a gender perspective has been integrated into the design of a social protection programme, such initiatives have often failed to live up to their potential.'
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Kenya election 2013: key challenges to consolidating democracy

Podcasts and audio | 28 February 2013 | Alina Rocha Menocal interviews Sarah Jenkins
'Yes, the Kenyan election is momentous and important... but social transformation and democratic consolidation is not instantaneous. This election is just the first step along what is bound to be a bumpy road to democracy.'
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The Golden Fleece

Podcasts and audio | 18 December 2012 | Wendy Fenton speaks with Antonio Donini
'In The Golden Fleece we wanted to provide the long historical view of the relationship between humanitarianism and politics and explore whether the tension between the two is inherent.'
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