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  • Challenging the myths around semi-arid lands

    Briefing papers | November 2017 | Eva Ludi, Guy Jobbins, Elizabeth Carabine, Catherine Simonet, Peter Newborne, Nathalie Nathe, Rajeshree Sisodia and Tiina Pasanen
    In ‘Challenging the myths around semi-arid lands’, PRISE shows how semi-arid regions can be drivers of inclusive, climate-resilient economic development.
  • Cultivating climate resilience: the Shea value chain

    Working and discussion papers | May 2016 | Sara Venturini, Anna Haworth, Nadine Coudel, Elisa Jiménez Alonso and Catherine Simonet
    Shea, as both a commodity and a tree, has the potential to boost climate resilience for communities. This Working Paper looks at how Burkina Faso is benefiting.
  • Gender and resilience: from theory to practice

    Working and discussion papers | January 2016 | Virginie Le Masson, Maggie Opondo, Ubah Abdi, Patricia Nangiro, Melanie Hilton, Yee Mon Maung, Sophie Rigg, Emma Lovell and Florence Pichon
    This BRACED working paper reflects on what progress has been made to link gender equality and resilience in development projects.
  • The urban-rural water interface: a preliminary study in Burkina Faso

    Working and discussion papers | January 2016 | Peter Newborne; Josephine Tucker
    An initial framing paper produced in partnership with WISE-UP that looks at water allocation in Ouagadougou, and how the government manages the issue of water allocation between rural and urban areas, especially in semi-arid regions.
  • Climate information and services in BRACED countries

    Research reports and studies | December 2015 | Emily Wilkinson, Mirianna Budimir, Atiq Kainan Ahmed and Gilbert Ouma
    Access to sound climate information is vital for anticipating climate-related risks and adapting to climate change. As such, it is recognised as an essential input to BRACED projects to guide programming.
  • Shockwatch: Food prices annual review 2014/15

    Books or book chapters | June 2015 | Steve Wiggins and Sharada Keats
    The annual review examines changes to cereals prices seen since May 2014 and looks at how domestic prices for cereals in the developing world have moved since the 2007/08 price spike.