Climate and Energy Staff

  • Shelagh Whitley
    Head of Programme - Climate and Energy Programme
  • Neil Bird
    Senior Research Fellow
  • Andrew Scott
    Senior Research Fellow
  • Leah Worrall
    Senior Research Officer
  • Ipek Gencsu
    Senior Research Officer
  • Rachel Waddell
    Head of Strategic Partnerships - Governance and Climate
  • Leo Roberts
    Operations and Partnerships Manager
  • Orla Martin
    Programme Manager
  • Moyo Castano
    Programme Assistant
  • Mairi Dupar
    CDKN Global Public Affairs Co-ordinator
  • Chris Little
    Senior Communications Officer
  • Charlie Zajicek
    Communications Officer
  • Charlene Watson
    Research Associate
  • Research Associate
  • Darius Nassiry
    Senior Research Associate
  • Miren Gutierrez
    Research Associate
  • Graham Banton
    Head of Strategic Operations