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A five year research project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It aimed to measure, understand and communicate where and how development progress has happened.

Financing progress blog series (2013–2014, archived)

What works in development finance: a new blog series invites cutting edge commentary

Finance that empowers, that motivates and that provides global public goods

Tackling the ‘MICs traps’: a role for development cooperation in middle-income countries?

Financing progress independently: taxation and illicit flows

Financing progress in the post-2015 era: Why we need a Monterrey Plus conference

Changing the mindset on aid

From ‘graduation’ to ‘gradation’ in international development finance

What does the changing context of development finance mean for the post-2015 agenda? Some thoughts on our latest blog series

Private development assistance: a glimpse of the landscape

Development finance: Can it advance local ownership?

Can private sector finance support adaptation?

Post-2015 infrastructure finance: The new debt threat?

Financing progress in a changing context: The role of international NGOs in Africa

The shifting aid landscape: how civil-society investments strengthen local ownership of development

Getting smart with aid

How can business drive meaningful poverty alleviation?

The debate on development finance: new context, same questions?

DFID’s new aid strategy – the big silence

European development finance post-2015: public meets private?

Lessons on sustainable development finance from Tajikistan

Development at the crossroads: reflections from the Arab Region

Domestic resources and better governance

Asia must mind the gaps to secure its future

Our ambitious goals require a new model of development

Partnerships to finance the post-2015 development agenda

Who is going to pay for international development?

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