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The adaptive economy; adjustment policies in low-income countries

Projects | December 1989 to September 1990
This project is a series of draft chapters of a book prepared with the provisional title of The Adaptive Economy; Adjustment Policies in Low-income Countries. The Working Papers in this series focused on defining the need for structural adaptation, exploring the...
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The control of money supply in developing countries

Projects | April 1989 to January 1992
This project covers six country studies prepared as part of a study of the role of monetary policy in primary-producing, low income countries. The objective of the general study is to examine what monetary policy can be expected to accomplish in low income countries,...
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Agricultural Research and Extension Network (Agren)

Projects | January 1988 to December 2001

ODI's Agricultural Research and Extension Network (AgREN) was established in the mid-1980s to link policy-makers, practitioners and researchers in the agriculture sector of developing countries. AgREN was founded on a strong belief in the importance of...

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