Evidence creation and research communications

Massai women make beadcraft. Georgina Goodwin, World Bank

An understanding of how robust research-based evidence, and effective policy engagement can contribute to better policy and practice is the golden thread running through RAPID’s work. Policy processes are sometimes seen as linear and sequential, but the reality is nearly always more complex. Policy processes are multifactorial and non-linear involving a multitude of unpredictable actors: while research and evidence can play an important role in policy processes, this is unlikely to happen without systematic and strategic engagement.

Our studies have shown that research programmes, where the initial agenda has been set in collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, leads to greater uptake of results and better outcomes for the world's poorest. Our resources and services help researchers acting as policy entrepreneurs synthesise and translate their research into key messages while also considering the route for getting the message across.

RAPID runs research communications workshops for organisations all over the world, training researchers to be ‘policy entrepreneurs’.