Research and Policy in Development - What we do

Baron Shitemi. Internews journalist Internews Network

The Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme works at the interface between knowledge, policy and practice.

We work with researchers, think tanks, civil society, country governments and donors to improve the integration of local knowledge and research-based evidence into policy.

We believe that this will lead to greater government and development agency effectiveness and ultimately help to transform lives.

Our work to improve the integration of evidence and knowledge by policy-makers and practitioners is focussed around three main outcomes:

Strengthening policy-making systems

We work with governments, legislators, civil society and intermediary organisations to develop holistic evidence-informed country decision making systems. 

RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA)

ROMA is an overarching guide to improving policy engagement and influence. It brings together RAPID's extensive experience in this field, providing practical tools and advice on how to foster sustainable policy influence.