Water Policy

Linking high quality research with practical policy advice on water issues with a bearing on poverty, aiming to provoke, contribute to and influence debates on water and sanitation.
  • Woman washing clothes next to a latrine at the shore of the polluted Itaya River, Iquitos City, Loreto - Peru. Photo: Monica Tijero / World Bank (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    Obstacles to WASH

    In an article for UNA-UK, our researchers look at the obstacles to providing water, sanitation and hygiene for all.

  • Making sanitation a political priority in secondary cities

    In this report, we take a step back and ask what enabled cities in the 19th and 20th centuries to improve their sanitation systems. Were their sanitation problems the same that developing cities face today? We use lessons learnt in the historical studies to suggest how progress can be achieved in Tanzania, and possibly elsewhere.

  • Development finance for water resources: MENA trends

    We look at how finance sources and access to water resources finance have changed for MENA countries over the past decade.

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