We work across a wide range of sectors and issues that have a direct impact on the well-being of the world's poorest and most marginalised people.

Climate and Sustainability

Working to build a more equitable world, promoting climate compatible development, sustainable stewardship of natural resources and secure livelihoods.

Development and Public Finance

Research and advisory work on how governing bodies can best use their scarce resources to support prosperous and fairer societies.

Digital Societies

Digital Societies (formerly RAPID) provides analysis and expertise on issues affecting youth and researches the growing influence of digital technologies and their implications for policy decision-making, monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL).

Global Risks and Resilience

Providing research, analysis and policy advice on systemic, inclusive and just approaches to understanding risk and managing uncertainty. We look at the nexus between climate, weather extremes and hazards and other risk drivers, to understand the impact on poverty and development.

Humanitarian Policy Group

One of the world's leading teams working on humanitarian issues. We are dedicated to improving humanitarian policy and practice through a combination of high-quality analysis, dialogue and debate.

International Economic Development Group

Aiming to influence events in the international arena that affect development, through high quality innovative research, policy advice and communications in areas relevant to contemporary policy debates.

Politics and Governance

A leading centre for research and policy engagement on political and governance issues in development.