Financing Progress

Analysis of how progress has been financed, looking at the mix of domestic, international, public, private and other types of sources, along with mechanisms of delivery.

Traders work on the floor of the Ghana Stock Exchange in Accra, Ghana. Flickr, Jonathan Ernst/World Bank

An integral part of the case studies, this component of the Development Progress project provides further analysis of how progress has been financed, both through domestic and international resources.

It is clear that finance is a crucial part of most stories of progress – little gets done without money to support it. But our understanding of how the financing puzzle fits together needs renewal and further research for a new era of development. Financing options for developing countries are becoming ever more varied as new ways of doing things are pioneered across the globe.

This component of the Development Progress project will explore how progress is financed by breaking analysis down into four critical areas of investigation: the broad economic and political context within which progress has been financed; the sources of finance; in some cases, the mechanism through which such finance was spent; and accountability systems ensuring fiduciary probity and effective use of money. By analysing these four elements in turn, and how they interact with each other, we will tell a comprehensive story about how to finance progress in a successful and sustainable fashion.