Stimulating pro-poor linkages between the tourism industry and local people in the Dominican Republic and the wider Caribbean

January 2004 to December 2006

This Pro-Poor Tourism Partnership project provides practical guidance to the tourism industry in the Caribbean on how to strengthen local linkages and contribute more to economic development.

Several guidelines were produced in collaboration with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation These guidelines provide advice to the tourism industry in the Caribbean on how they can strengthen linkages with local people. Eight briefs and an appendix cover different types of linkages – such as local employment, local sourcing, neighbourhood partnerships – and draw on many working examples from the Caribbean and Latin America.


Making Tourism Count for the Local Economy in the Caribbean

Toolkits | March 2006 | Caroline Ashley, Harold Goodwin, Douglas McNab, Mareba Scott, Luis Chaves

The purpose of these good practice guidelines is to assist tourism companies to contribute more to the local economy. The intended audience is tourism businesses of various sizes and operational types. Other guidelines already describe the ‘what and...