Wild Meat, Livelihoods Security and Conservation in the Tropics

October 2002 to September 2004

This project is funded by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation, and researched the human and social dimensions of hunting for consumptive use in tropical forests, including bushmeat and the bushmeat trade. It sought to place this in its wider context, as an important dimension of livelihoods security for poor people, often in weak states. It provided a useful counterpoint to the dominant research on this theme, which is usually from a fauna conservation, not human livelihoods, perspective.


Assessment of the Solution-orientated research needed to promote a more sustainable Bushmeat Trade in Central and West Africa

Research reports and studies | January 2002 | Evan Bowen-Jones, David Brown and Elizabeth Robinson

The ‘bushmeat trade’ is a highly complex issue with few, if any, general solutions. The general characteristics of the situation have been well researched, and because of the growing urgency of the issue it is now time to concentrate on the specifics from an...


Viande de brousse - Faisabilité et classification par ordre de priorité des activités de recherche actuelles, de celles à mettre en oeuvre et des solutions potentielles

Research reports and studies | January 2002 | Evan Bowen-Jones, David Brown et Elizabeth Robinson

Même si le présent rapport est structuré selon l’expertise des auteurs, qui y étudient la question du point de vue des institutions, des politiques, de la biodiversité et des moyens de subsistance, nombre des questions fondamentales auxquelles il reste à...