The challenge of accountability for a development agency: Case Studies on the British (DFID) and the Swedish (SIDA) coorporation agencies

June 2009 to December 2009

Funded by the Paris-based Institute for Research and Debate on Governance, this project involves two case studies of donor domestic accountability, in Sweden and the UK. The case studies are being conducted to inform the thinking of the French development agency (AFD). They explore the relationships between development agencies and their domestic stakeholders, examining the nature of those relationships and the impact of those relationships, both in terms of the sorts of information that DFID generates and DFID’s policies and practice.


Donor Domestic Accountabilities - UK Case Study

Research reports and studies | September 2009 | Alan Hudson and Linnea Jonsson

This report analyses the UK's system of domestic accountability for development assistance in order to generate insights about how development agencies’ engagement, with their domestic stakeholders, might be harnessed to deliver more effective aid.