European Development Cooperation Strengthening Programme


2009 is a crucial year for Europe, with the EU facing major change and choices: 

  • a new European Parliament, which will be involved in shaping more and more policies;
  • the appointment of a new European Commission;
  • the potential ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in October; and
  • the review of the EU budget.

The European Development Cooperation Support Programme has been established to support the debate on EU institutional and policy change by building an infrastructure of knowledge, contacts and information on EU development cooperation. It aims to:

  • construct a community of 'EU change-makers';
  • support the conversation on development cooperation, its structure and its relation to the wider arena of EU external action; and
  • take the agenda forward through policy analysis and by promoting the sharing and practical use of knowledge and information.

For more information, view our outputs or contact Deborah Johnson ([email protected]) or Mikaela Gavas ([email protected]). 





Long-term research perspectives on budget support

Event Series | 22 March - 20 October 2011

The purpose of this series of closed events is to allow prominent researchers and policy advisors more time to think through and discuss what are considered to be some of the key questions and themes surrounding budget support today.

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Next steps in European development cooperation

Public event | 23 February 2010 13:00 - 14:30 GMT+00

This meeting will see Simon Maxwell and Richard Youngs discuss the future of European development cooperation and suggest next steps towards effective coordinated action.


Europe: the world awaits

Comment | 30 October 2009 | Simon Maxwell, Pierre Schori, Dirk Messner and Paul Engel

What can the world expect of Europe in 2010? An inward-looking assemblage of nation states, focused on domestic problems rather than the international stage? Or an outward-facing and united community, working globally for the common good? National politics...

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Shaping Europe’s international role

Comment | 8 September 2009 | Simon Maxwell, Paul Engel, Dirk Messner, Pierre Schori

Decisions made over the next three months will shape Europe's future international role. This article outlines six conditions that must be met if these decisions are to fulfil their progressive potential.

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