Blog series: the coronavirus outbreak

An empty supermarket in Wuhan, China, 2020. Photo: Studio Incendo, CC BY 2.0

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China in December 2019, is impacting countries around the world. Within ten weeks, there were over 100,000 reported cases, and this number continues to escalate globally. Governments are taking a range of measures to curb the spread of the virus – from “social distancing” to lockdowns – while even those countries without confirmed cases are feeling its effects economically.

As the world grapples to respond, this new blog series brings together a range of experts to critically examine the impacts of the coronavirus – including on healthcare systems, the economy, and those living in poverty. It also reflects on what valuable lessons we can take from the global response so far, from how to accelerate digital transformation to action needed to tackle the climate emergency.