ODI MED: towards peace and sustainability in the Mediterranean region

The Mediterranean region is a cultural, historical and commercial bridge between the Arab world, North African countries and Europe. It is a region that suffers from several cross-border challenges related to the long-term implications of wars and conflict, the breakdown of governance and high political volatility.

At the same time, the Mediterranean is a hub of innovation and growth. With rapidly growing economies, and a young, increasingly skilled population, the potential of the region is immense. ODI MED aims to help address these challenges and unlock these opportunities at play in the region.

The initiative focuses on three sub-regions:

  • southern Europe and the Western Balkans
  • North Africa
  • the Middle East, including eastern Mediterranean countries.

ODI MED examines policy challenges and solutions in sustainable development, peacebuilding and security as well as economic and geopolitical relationships across and between them.

Current areas of focus include state fragility and transnational violence in the Mediterranean, regional approaches to peacebuilding and security, migration and displacement, policies and politics of entrepreneurship and economic growth, and the emerging role of local leaders in fostering more equitable regional cooperation.

ODI MED also seeks to engage with partners directly in the region and publish content in a variety of languages relevant to the Mediterranean.