Development Progress - A Library of Stories

October 2009 to December 2010

This project will establish a library of stories illustrating ‘Progress in Development’ with three goals: (1) support advocacy for more effective development spending; (2) stimulate research into progress and its contributing factors; and (3) to draw lessons on how development can be achieved and supported.


The measurement revolution

Comment | 24 October 2012 | Jonathan Tanner
'Progress may appear on the national balance sheet, but it rarely materialises as much- needed cash for cash-strapped pockets. So if we don’t just measure the money, what else should we measure?'
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Where next for sustainable development after Rio+20?

Public event | 4 July 2012 10:00 - 11:30 GMT+01 (BST)

A meeting of theAll-Party Parliamentary Group for International Development & the Environment, the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Development to discuss the outcomes of the...

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Mapping progress: evidence for a new development outlook

Research reports and studies | June 2011 | Liesbet Steer, Jakob Engel, Alasdair McWilliam and Milo Vandemoortele
Part of the Development Progress Stories series, this report synthesises research into twenty four developing countries to explore what is working in development and why.

Local healthcare is succeeding in Rwanda

Films and videos | May 2011
Rwandans' life expectancies are rising and disease burden falling. As part of its Development Progress project, this video looks at how community healthcare is making this happen.

Millennium Development Goals Report Card: Learning from progress

Research reports and studies | June 2010

A summary of initial findings from an ongoing review of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which will include a set of league tables. The key message is that progress is possible, with a number of countries making real achievements....