Policy paper on African growth, poverty reduction and the G-20

September 2010 to November 2010

This project will develop a paper aiming to conceptualise the development agenda at the G20 from an African perspective. The paper aims to influence the G-20 Working Group on Development and the debate on how the G-20 incorporates development around the Seoul Summit.

The proposed paper will be structured around the following key concepts:

  • What are the key determinants of growth, especially of pro poor equitable sustainable growth?

  • Development at the G20 and African growth initiatives so far

  • Possible links between the G20 policies and African growth and development

  • Three case studies on G20 engagement in Africa

  • Regional Economic Integration – G-20 involvement in supporting hard and soft infrastructure development

  • G-20 FDI in Africa

  • Special Economic Zones - can they work for pro-poor development?

The paper will also include recommendations on how G-20 policies could have positive impacts on African growth and poverty reduction.


The G20 and African development

Research reports and studies | April 2011 | Peter Draper, Catherine Grant, Christian Kingombe and Dirk Willem te Velde
This paper discusses how the G20 can support African development. It suggests that African economic development should be seen as central to the G20 objectives, both in terms of legitimacy and as part of the G20’s efforts on global rebalancing.