Social protection and the response to shocks

March 2012 to March 2016

One of the primary objectives of social protection is to help households cope with adverse events. These include shocks that affect entire communities, or large parts of the population at the same time, known as covariate shocks (examples include economic crises, disasters associated with extreme weather and climate events, and conflict-related crises). 

As the frequency and intensity of a range of covariate shocks look set to increase, it is critical to understand the policy options that enable effective social protection shock response and provide tools to support policy makers in improving shock response preparedness.  

This project works on:
  • the social protection policy design and implementation details that facilitate adequate shock response;
  • the readiness of social protection systems, institutions and policies to respond to different types of covariate shocks.

See our working papers, briefings, toolkit, workshop and other outputs carried out to date.


The role of index-based triggers in social protection shock response

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Francesca Bastagli and Luke Harman
Index-based trigger mechanisms are an innovative instrument used to help ensure timely and adequate social protection response in the event of a shock. This report identifies the potential advantages and limitations of the inclusion of index-based triggers in social...

Responding to a crisis: the design and delivery of social protection

Briefing papers | June 2014 | Francesca Bastagli
This Briefing presents the main policy implications emerging from a recent ODI study examining the policy design and implementation details that facilitate the scale-up of social protection in the event of a covariate shock as well as the financing mechanisms and...

Shock response readiness appraisal toolkit

Research reports and studies | June 2013 | Anna McCord
This toolkit provides a diagnostic approach to assist policy analysts in assessing the readiness of low-and middle-income countries to respond to future shocks through social protection provision. This toolkit is a companion piece to a review of the literature on...