Innovation – Business investment in green technology

November 2011 to December 2013

ODI, GIZ and IPRCC have been developing a collaborative programme to provide robust evidence on effective ways to promote green growth by unleashing business investment and innovation, and will assess the economic, social and environmental impact of key selected policies and initiatives.

An inception and scoping phase has been undertaken in China and India, in order to better understand the drivers for sustainable and inclusive growth and the related policy environment in each country, and to identify existing or new policies and initiatives which could provide valuable case studies.

The DFID Accountable Grant has funded ODI’s contribution towards the China case study.


Unlocking business dynamism to promote green (sustainable and inclusive) growth: learning from innovation in emerging economies

Working and discussion papers | December 2012 | Karen Ellis, Stefanie Bauer (GIZ), Pragya Kothari (GIZ), Dominik Weidert (independent expert), Daniel Harris, Alberto Lemma and Zhang Xioaying (IPRCC)
This Working Paper summarises findings from recent in-country research around ways to promote green growth, focusing on lessons that can be learnt from India and China.