Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Pro-Poor Policy: the Knowledge Sector Initiative

May 2013 to July 2017

The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) is an ambitious 15-year partnership between the governments of Indonesia and Australia. It seeks to improve the lives of the Indonesian people through better quality public policies that make better use of research evidence.

To achieve this, KSI works systematically across Indonesia's knowledge sector to:

  • support policy research institutes to improve the quality and communication of their research

  • work with government departments to increase their demand for evidence, and their systems for procuring and using it in policy-making

  • strengthen intermediary organisations – such as civil society, advocacy networks and the media – to improve the links between research evidence and policy-making

  • identify and mitigate systemic barriers to evidence production, intermediation, demand and use.

ODI works in a consortium with RTI, the Australian National University and the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne to implement the first five year phase. 


Managing a government think tank: inside the black box

Working and discussion papers | November 2016 | Jessica Mackenzie and Caroline Cassidy
This working paper provides concrete guidance for establishing and managing a think tank to help governments better understand ‘what works’ and deliver real change.

A study on organisational development

Research reports and studies | March 2016 | Jessica Mackenzie and Rebecca Gordon
This report explains what ‘organisational development’ is and provides good practice examples, frameworks and recommendations for getting started.

Establishing government think tanks: an overview of comparative models

Working and discussion papers | April 2015 | Jessica Mackenzie, Arnaldo Pellini, Widya Sutiyo
What does it take to establish a successful government think tank? Drawing on the experiences of think tanks in Indonesia and the wider East Asia region, this paper highlights key considerations for building an effective government think tank.

Story of change: improving health services in West Lombok

Articles and blogs | February 2014 | Arnaldo Pellini, Maesy Angelina and Endah Purnawati
This story of change explores the interaction between communities, evidence, civil society groups and government agencies that brought about improvements in health services in Lombok Barat in Indonesia.