EU development programme

April 2014 to March 2016

The project supports research, dialogue and strategic relationships to enable strengthened and evidence-based EU development policy-making that delivers results and impact.


Climate change: the European Union towards COP21 and beyond

Working and discussion papers | November 2015 | Steffen Bauer, Clara Brandi, Simon Maxwell and Tancrède Voituriez
As the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) gets underway, this briefing note from the European Think Tanks Group looks at the challenges and opportunities for EU climate action at COP21 and beyond.

​EU’s pivotal role in tackling poverty and inequality worldwide

Articles and blogs | August 2014 | Andrew Shepherd and Alisa Herrero
A memorandum to shape the political agenda for the new leadership in the European Commission and the European Parliament launched on 1st September 2014. The core substantive proposition is that in order to play a strategic role in global transformations, the EU will...

10 things to know about EU aid

Toolkits | May 2014 | Mikaela Gavas, Raphaëlle Faure, Elize Hefer, Nick Scott
Ten key facts covering various aspects of the EU aid programme, including its size, relevance, importance, spending priorities, governance and public support.