Theories of Change

May 2015 to September 2015
This joint project with the Asia Foundation aimed to increase sectoral learning and critical reflection on Theories of Change through organising an expert workshop in London in April 2015.

The event built on the collaboration between the Asia Foundation and LSE'sJustice Security Research Programme, serving as a platform to branch out to the wider sector. In addition to the workshop, the project also produced a paper: 'Theories of change: time for a radical approach to learning and development' - and accompanying blog, authored by Craig Valters.


Theories of Change in international development

Workshop | 7 April 2015 09:30 - 17:15 GMT+01 (BST)
​There remain very different understandings of what a Theory of Change approach is, how it should in­form development thinking and practice, and what it can achieve. This event aimed to move the debate forward onto a set of common principles that can help...
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