Macroeconomic impact series

June 2016 to December 2017
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Growth in developing and emerging economies looks fragile. Financial crises are now more prevalent and longer lasting in their economic impact. Countries’ limited capacity to counter external shocks has consistently thrown their development off course and eroded their economic resilience. Failure to manage these shocks will impede progress in achieving the sustainable development agenda.

International macroeconomics research at ODI is devoted to examining the impact of economic shocks on developing and emerging countries and provides policy suggestions to counter them. Through engagement with the G20 and other global fora, it also seeks to inform the dialogue for a more accountable and inclusive international financial architecture.

The Macroeconomic impact series evaluates the effect of high-frequency, high-impact global economic events on emerging and developing countries. Current economic issues, including those pertaining to global financial markets, are a theme throughout. The series has an overarching policy focus on the importance of economic transformation, global financial governance and effective central bank policy.

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Access to finance, post-Brexit

Briefing papers | July 2016 | Phyllis Papadavid
This edition of the ODI Macroeconomic Impact Series calls for improved access to finance for developing countries in the face of multiple economic shocks.