Protection in Practice

September 2006 to June 2008

This study, led by the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI,  examines current practice in humanitarian protection and explore strategies, programmes and initiatives undertaken in different contexts to support the protection of civilians (see research framework). Focusing on roles, outcomes and internal and external limitations of humanitarian actors, the  research draws together lessons and best practice, rather than evaluating specific programmes or agencies. It is hoped that this study will provide a timely contribution to the field of protection in violent conflict and will help managers, policy makers and specialist staff address issues of rationale, design and implementation of protective interventions.


Protection in practice: Strategies and dilemmas

Round-table | 16 January 2007

The aim of this event was to draw together senior protection practitioners and analysts to discuss key themes emerging from a body of research currently underway at HPG on field-based strategies employed by humanitarian actors to protect civilians in insecure...

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