June 2007 to December 2007

This initiative spearheaded by EUROsociAL was intended to promote the sharing of experiences and good practice in social policy aimed at supporting social cohesion between European and Latin American institutions. To that end, EUROsociAL commissioned ODI to undertake four case studies, two drawn from Latin America (‘Oportunidades’ and ‘Programa 3 X 1 para Migrantes’, both in Mexico), and two drawn from Europe (Sure Start in the UK and Social Inclusion in Southern Italy).


The Experience of Sure Start in England

Research reports and studies | March 2008 | Martin Prowse

This report looks at the Sure Start programme, one of the Labour government’s most ambitious attempts at tackling extreme deprivation and the cycle of social exclusion in the UK.


Programa 3X1 para Migrantes

Research reports and studies | December 2007 | Alina Rocha Menocal

Case study examining Mexico's Programa 3X1 para Migrantes as an example of a social policy intended to promote social cohesion.