Analysis of the Rural-Urban Transformation, Territorial Development Policies, and Regional Trade Integration in Low and Middle Income Countries

November 2007 to June 2007

ODI was contracted by the World Bank to conduct background analysis for the World Development Report 2009. This was organised as 3 separate projects on rural-urban transformation (Massimiliano Cali); territorial development policies, and regional trade integration in low and middle income countries (Dirk Willem te Velde) and policy responses to spatial poverty traps (Kate Bird and Kate Higgins).  The analysis consisted of reviews of relevant policy literature, primary analysis using micro and country level data, key informant interviews and specific illustrative country case studies.


Urbanisation, inequality and economic growth

Working and discussion papers | June 2008 | Massimiliano Calì

This background paper for the World Development Report 2009 empirically explores three important aspects of the urbanisation process in India: rural-urban disparities and their relation with economic development; the relation between urbanisation and growth;...


Circular migration in India

Briefing papers | November 2007 | Kate Bird and Priya Deshingkar

This brief explores circular migration in India and the policy response, and impact of this policy response, on the welfare of migrants and more broadly, on regional inequality.


Regional inequality and secondary education in Ghana

Briefing papers | November 2007 | Kate Higgins

This brief explores the education dimensions of spatial inequality in Ghana and examines the model secondary schools policy, which was recently adopted by the Government of Ghana (GoG) in an attempt to address this disparity.


Regional inequality and the Niger Delta

Briefing papers | November 2007 | Kate Higgins

This brief explores regional inequality in Nigeria, focussing specifically on the Niger Delta. Specifically, it explores one of the Government of Nigeria’s (GoN) responses to the marginalisation of the Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC...


'Voluntary' migration in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR)

Briefing papers | November 2007 | Kate Bird

Through relocation policies, the Government of Lao PDR seeks to transform what it considers to be a traditional, rural economy into a modernised market-oriented system by eradicating shifting cultivation, changing the way that land is allocated and by reaching...