Evidence-based policymaking in Myanmar? Considerations of a post-conflict development dilemma

Working and discussion papers
July 2015
Mareike Schomerus and Hakan Seckinelgin

Since Myanmar's ground-breaking national elections of 2010, one topic of discussion that has been made more prominent through the increased presence of international development actors has been how to approach issues of transition and development through evidence-based policies.

Implicit in this is an expression of the need for more information. Furthermore, basing policies on evidence is broadly expected to lead to improvement and transparency. But is pushing for better evidence in the policy-making process an obviously beneficial approach for Myanmar?

Based on qualitative interviews of 25 people conducted with both Burmese and international respondents from across a range of local and international organisations, this paper seeks to examine this question and explore the complicated relationship between information, information actors, debate and implementation in Myanmar today.