Kenya country case study report: strengthening coherence between agriculture and social protection

Research reports and studies
May 2016
Rachel Slater, Elvin Nyukuri

The Kenya study sets out to explore the potential for linkages between agriculture and social protection in a context characterized by large-scale, self-targeted agricultural programmes in the agricultural sector and social assistance programmes framed around a life-course approach in the social protection domain. The project focuses on two core questions:

• What are the current experiences of achieving coherence between Kenya’s agricultural and social protection policies and programmes?

• What lessons and insights do these experiences hold for achieving more and better coordination between the two sectors?

This study took place in Kenya (in Nairobi and Turkana) between 4 and 15 May 2015. The study was led by Rachel Slater (ODI) along with coresearchers Dr Elvin Nyukuri and Raphael Amodoi and FAO staff Marco Knowles and Maina Kibata.