10 things to know about mental health

Briefing papers
May 2016
Jessica Mackenzie, Christie Kesner, Louise Ball, Hannah Caddick

Mental disorders affect one in four of us over a lifetime. It’s a huge cost to our health care systems and to the global economy, and it affects some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Yet it is severely underfunded, leaving millions of people without treatment. 

In 10 things to know about mental health, we demonstrate why we urgently need funders and governments to prioritise spending on this much neglected issue.

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Infographic: Mental health is in the Sustainable Development Goals
Infographic: Mental disorders affect one in four of us
Infographic: It’s a huge cost to the global economy
Infographic: Mental health is seriously underfunded…
Infographic: Mental health is underfunded no matter what you compare it to
Infographic: Governments can’t meet their SDG targets without tackling mental health
Infographic: Addressing it helps other development programmes achieve more
Infographic: It increases economic productivity
Infographic: You can measure progress in mental health
Infographic: Addressing mental health it is not as hard as you think