Climate finance fundamentals 2016

Publication series
November 2016
Infographic: disbursement of climate finance continued to grow in 2016

This publication series provides an update on global climate change financing for 2016. The 12 briefings - prepared by the Overseas Development Institute and the Heinrich Boll Foundation - examine the quantity and quality of financial flows going to developing countries for mitigation and adaptation. 

The briefings provide an overview of the climate finance system (see the briefings on the global climate finance architecture and the principles and criteria of public climate finance); examine a range of themes in greater detail (see the briefings on gender, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degredation, adaptation and mitigation), and outline what support has been granted to various geographical areas, and whether this meets those areas' needs (see the briefings on sub-Saharan Africa, Small Island Developing States, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa). 

All are available in English, French and Spanish. 

10 things to know about climate finance in 2016

Briefing papers | November 2016 | Smita Nakhooda, Charlene Watson and Liane Schalatek
These infographics break down the numbers on climate finance, analysing data from the world’s only comprehensive climate finance commitment tracker, Climate Funds Update.