Resilience Scan: July-September 2016

Research reports and studies
December 2016
Thomas Tanner, Emma Lovell, Lena Weingärtner, Pandora Batra, Florence Pichon, Hani Morsi, Virginie Le Masson, Sheri Lim, Jonny Casey, Colin McQuistan

This Resilience Scan summarises writing and debates in the field of resilience during the third quarter of 2016, focusing primarily on the context of developing countries, gender equality and resilience. The Scan will be of particular interest to those implementing resilience projects and policies, and those seeking summaries of current debates in resilience thinking. It comprises insights on the key international policy processes in 2016, analysis of Twitter activity on resilience, and summaries of high-impact grey literature and academic journal articles. The final chapter synthesises the insights from literature in terms of five characteristics of resilience-awareness, diversity, self-regulation, integration and adaptiveness.

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