BRACED Resilience exchange: what have we learned so far?

Research reports and studies
September 2017
Carina Bachofen, James Baer, Elizabeth Carabine, Blane Harvey, Bettina Koelle, Virginie Le Masson, Katie Peters, Florence Pichon, Charlotte Rye, Catherine Simonet, James Smith, Zoe Tabary, Emily Wilkinson and Dave Wilson
Harina and Bishnu Khatri drip farmer

The climate is changing rapidly. With limited resources and time to build resilience, we must learn what works, how it is working and how this can be scaled up, if we are serious about supporting the people who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and disasters. 

The BRACED Resilience exchange shares what we’ve learned so far by: 

  • presenting our experiences and learnings; 
  • providing insights into how resilience is being built in practice with 23 individual ‘stories of change’;
  • assessing key questions on how BRACED builds resilience and how we measure impact; and 
  • challenging what we think we know.