ODI Briefings

Briefing papers

Information, analysis and key recommendations on broad or high-level development and humanitarian topics, with the aim to inform and influence policy. ODI Briefings are authoritative, credible and decisive in tone, with actionable policy recommendations based on solid empirical evidence.

What can be done to address intersecting inequalities? Social justice post-2015

Briefing papers | October 2014 | Andrew Norton; Chiara Mariotti; Andrew Shepherd; Naila Kabeer
​This briefing paper sets out what can be done to ensure that both policy action and politics at the national level address the multiple inequalities faced by marginalised people, and proposes the global monitoring of progress towards social justice through an...

A place for panel data in the 'data revolution'?

Briefing papers | October 2014 | Lucy Scott and Chiara Mariotti
​This briefing makes the case for the importance of panel data – or surveys – which return to the same households or individuals at more than one point in time.

Responding to a crisis: the design and delivery of social protection

Briefing papers | June 2014 | Francesca Bastagli
This Briefing presents the main policy implications emerging from a recent ODI study examining the policy design and implementation details that facilitate the scale-up of social protection in the event of a covariate shock as well as the financing mechanisms and...