ODI Natural Resource Perspectives

Briefing papers

ODI Natural Resource Perspectives present accessible information on current development issues and are sent to a wide audience of policy makers, researchers and people working in the non-governmental sector. The series ran from 1994 to 2008.

John Farrington, Editor of the NRP series, writes "Unfortunately, Sida support to the series has come to an end, and though they are happy with the series, their funding priorities have changed and enquiries have established that the series can no longer be included in their portfolio.

It has been a privilege, and a very enjoyable one, to edit the series since it began some 14 years ago, and we hope the existing NRPs will continue to be a valuable resource to you."

Making agriculture work for the poor

Briefing papers | October 2007 | Martin Prowse and Admos Chimhowu
This paper look at the links between poverty, agriculture and land, reporting on panel data analysis in five countries – Vietnam, Uganda, India, Nicaragua and Ethiopia.

Biofuels, Agriculture and Poverty Reduction

Briefing papers | June 2007 | Leo Peskett, Rachel Slater, Chris Stevens and Annie Dufey
The development of biofuels has generated vigorous debate on economic and environmental grounds. Our attention here is on its potential impacts on poverty reduction.