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Research reports and studies

Forest Management and Utilization Under Community Foresty

Research reports and studies | July 2003 | Nagendra Prasad Yadav, Om Prakash Dev, Oliver Springate-Baginski, John Soussan

This paper examines the impact of community foresty on forest resources, based on a study of 11 Forest User Groups (FUGs) in Nepal over three years. The findings confirm that the impact on forest resources has been very positive.


Economics, Poverty and Transparency: Measuring Equity in Forest user Groups

Research reports and studies | July 2003 | Michael Richards, Maksha Maharjan, Keshav Kanel

This study aimed to develop an economic methodology, usable by Forest User Groups (FUGs), for increasing equity transparency in community forestry in Nepal. Difficulities in developing a truly participatory approach led to a switch from the use of...



Research reports and studies | July 2003 | Kate Schreckenberg and Hemant Ojha

We have taken the opportunity of this joint issue to showcase some UK-funded research on the impacts of community forestry in Nepal. By allocating all of this issue to discussion of projects funded by one specific agency, in this case the UK...


Community Forest Management in the Middle Hills of Nepal: The Changing Context

Research reports and studies | July 2003 | Oliver Springate-Baginski,Om Prakash Dev, Nagendra Prasad Yadav, John Soussan

This paper outlines the policy context and resource base for community forestry in Nepal. Drawing on a study of 11 Forest User Groups (FUGs) in the Middle hills region, the paper examines the process of FUG formation and post-formation support.