Country responses to the food price crisis 2007/08: Case studies from Bangladesh, Nicaragua, and Sierra Leone

Research reports and studies
June 2010
Steve Wiggins, Julia Compton, Sharada Keats, Mark Davies

In 2007/08, cereals prices spiked on world markets, the sharpest spikes in over 30 years. When prices of staple foods started to rise, governments, international organisations, and NGOs took action. This report looks at responses that were taken to:

  1. Prevent the high food prices from transmitting from international to domestic markets;
  2. Maintain food availability at the time of the crisis using domestic production programmes, and;
  3. Mitigate impacts of high prices on vulnerable citizens.

To look at these responses in detail, three country case studies from different regions of the world were used. These studies, commissioned with funding from DFID and in partnership with the UK Hunger Alliance, were undertaken in Bangladesh, Nicaragua, and Sierra Leone.

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