Graduation out of aid

Working and discussion papers
October 2013
Zhenbo Hou and Jane Kennan
Ghana is currently transitioning out of aid and has recently been categorised as a lower-middle income country (MIC). The report compares Ghana’s key development indicators with other relevant countries including those who might be on track to transition to lower-middle income, similar lower-MICs and those countries that have transitioned out of aid.

This paper focuses on two key questions. How have development indicators for Ghana changed over time? How do Ghana and comparator groups of countries compare on the same indicator? Ghana’s economy grew significantly over the last 15 years, which has led to a very impressive improvement across its development indicators.

The report concludes that Ghana has experienced very significant improvements across its development indicators since the early 2000. This is broadly consistent with or, in some cases better than, the lower middle income country averages.
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