Humanitarian crises, emergency preparedness and response: the role of business and the private sector - Indonesia case study

Research reports and studies
February 2014
Joanne Burke and Lilianne Fan
This paper addresses the role of the private sector in humanitarian action in Indonesia and broad patters of engagement between the humanitarian and the private sectors. In analysing these issues, the paper identifies the barriers to, and opportunities for, more systematic engagement between humanitarian actors and the private sector, and puts forward practical measures to make collaboration more consistent and successful.

The study identified some promising examples of the private sector engaging in humanitarian action as part of its core business (see Annex 3). One example is the private sector partnering with humanitarian agencies in ways that tap into its core competencies and skills to assist humanitarian actors to improve the quality of their own activities. Platforms or intermediary mechanisms also help tap into the private sector’s core competencies  or humanitarian purposes, both in times of disaster and for recovery.

Case studies of Kenya,Jordanand Haiti also feature within this research project.