10 things to know about refugees and displacement

Briefing papers
September 2015
John Cosgrave, Nicholas Crawford and Irina Mosel

There are nearly 60 million refugees and displaced people in the world. Most have been displaced for years.

But myths and misconceptions remain about the length of displacement, where people are displaced from and how best to help them survive.

Here are 10 things to know about refugees and displacement. These graphics are based on findings from ‘Protracted displacement: uncertain paths to self-reliance in exile’, available at www.odi.org/hpg/protracted-displacement.

Infographic: people are displaced from their homes for years on end
Infographic: most displaced people stay in their own country
Infographic: most people are displaced from a small number of countries
Infographic: a handful of countries host the majority of refugees
Infographic: refugees often face insecurity
Infographic: most refugees are in cities, not camps
Infographic: displacement is a long-lasting reality
Infographic: funding models aren't sustainable
Infographic: programmes to help refugees are improving
Infographic: supporting refugees to support themselves