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A thirsty future: Water strategies for Ethiopia's new development era

Research Reports And Studies | August 2016 | Helen Parker, Beatrice Mosello, Roger Calow, Maria Quattri, Seifu Kebede and Tena Alamirew, with contributions from Assefa Gudina and Asmamaw Kume
This report discusses the costs and benefits of investments in water resources management to sustain Ethiopia’s economic growth, while ensuring that no-one is left behind.

Ensuring escapes from poverty are sustained in Uganda

Research Reports And Studies | August 2016 | Written by Lucy Scott, Vidya Diwakar and Moses Okech
Since the 1990s, poverty has significantly reduced in Uganda. However, the number of 'insecure non-poor' households has risen and the risk of re-impoverishment is high.

Child poverty, inequality and demography

Research Reports And Studies | August 2016 | Kevin Watkins and Maria Quattri
Kevin Watkins's report highlights why sub-Saharan Africa matters for the Sustainable Development Goals and that addressing child poverty, inequality and demography is key.