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GAGE virtual research toolkit: qualitative research with young people on their Covid-19 experiences

Toolkits | June 2020 | Agnieszka Małachowska, Nicola Jones, Bassam Abu Hamad, Tahgreed Al Abbadi, Wafa Al Almaireh, Sarah Alheiwidi, Kifah Bani Odeh, Areham Iyasu, Yitagesu Gebre, Kiya Gezahegne, Silvia Guglielmi, Khadija Mitu, Kate Pincock, Sabina Rashid, Marcel Saleh, Maheen Sultan, Kassahun Tilahun, Fitsum Workneh, Workneh Yadete and Sally Youssef
An overview of the virtual qualitative research tools GAGE are using to understand young people’s experiences under Covid-19.

Covid-19 phone survey (round 1)

Toolkits | June 2020 | Sarah Baird, Agnieszka Małachowska and Nicola Jones
Covid-19 phone survey (round 1) aims to understand the knowledge, attitudes and behavioural changes related to Covid-19 of adolescents.