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Our Shared Future

Publication Series | December 2016
The Our Shared Future series considers the practical implications of delivering on the major global summits of 2015 and 2016.

An integrated approach to leaving no one behind: overview and methodology

Research reports and studies | December 2016 | Tanvi Bhatkal, Catherine Blampied, Soumya Chattopadhyay, Maria Ana Jalles D’Orey, Romilly Greenhill, Tom Hart, Tim Kelsall, Cathal Long, Shakira Mustapha, Emma Samman, Moizza Binat Sarwar, Catherine Simonet, Elizabeth Stuart, Olivia Tulloch and Joseph Wales
This report outlines the rationale and methodology for the pilot stocktakes, summarises the key findings, and reflects on how the methodology could be updated in the future.

Leaving no one behind in the health sector: an SDG stocktake in Kenya and Nepal

Research reports and studies | December 2016 | Catherine Blampied, Romilly Greenhill, Maria Ana Jalles D’Orey, Tanvi Bhatkal, Soumya Chattopadhyay, Moizza Binat Sarwar, Elizabeth Stuart, Tim Kelsall, Olivia Tulloch, Joseph Wales, Tom Hart, Cathal Long and Shakira Mustapha (Overseas Development Institute), Alasdair Fraser and Abraham Rugo Muriu (independent researchers in Kenya), Shiva Raj Adhikari and Archana Amatya (Tibhuvan University, Nepal) and Arjun Thapa (Pokhara University, Nepal)
This report provides an early stocktake of progress on the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda in Kenya and Nepal’s health sectors.