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Understanding trajectories of radicalisation in Niger

Research reports and studies | June 2017 | Aoife McCullough, Mareike Schomerus and Abdoutan Harouna with Zakari Maikorema, Kabo Abdouramane, Zahra Dingarey, Idi Mamadou Maman Noura, Hamissou Rhissa and Rhaichita Rhissa
This report highlights the importance of individual and structural factors in producing the potential for radicalisation and violent extremism in Niger.

Country evaluation brief: Somalia

Briefing papers | May 2017 | Marcus Manuel, Raphaelle Faure and Dina Mansour-Ille
This Somalia brief is part of a report series from the Evaluation Department "Country Evaluation Briefs" - written by Chr. Michelsen Institute and ODI.