Clare Castillejo

Clare Castillejo

Research Associate

Clare is a specialist in governance and rights in fragile states, with a particular interest in inclusive peacebuilding and statebuilding. Clare has worked on a broad range of issues related to conflict and security, democracy and political reform, and gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Clare's recent work includes research on the gender dimensions of statebuilding; on issues of inclusion in post-conflict politics and political settlements; on the impact of emerging economies on governance in developing countries; on European democracy and human rights promotion; and on the EU’s approach to fragile states. 

Clare has policy, programming and research experience, having worked as a social development advisor with DFID, a human rights specialist with UNDP, and a researcher with FRIDE, Amnesty International and the EUMC. Clare’s main region of expertise is South Asia. She also has experience in West Africa, North Africa, and South East Asia.

Publications include the blog 'Political settlements that include women' and 'The road to reform: women's political voice in Morocco'.

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