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Gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment: our approach and priorities

Toolkits | March 2019 | Sara Pantuliano, Caroline Harper, Nicola Jones, Pilar Domingo, Rachel Marcus, Fiona Samuels, Abigail Hunt, Rachel George, Maria Stavropoulou, Rebecca Holmes, Josephine Tsui, Muriel Kahane and Katy Harris
This booklet outlines the approach, aims and priority areas of ODI's work on gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.

Assessing the costs of tenure risks to agribusinesses

Research reports and studies | February 2019 | Anna Locke, Lou Munden, Joseph Feyertag and Benedick Bowie
The Quantifying Tenure Risk Initiative has developed a new tool to help agribusinesses avoid harmful investment by accurately assessing tenure risk.